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Administrative support services in USA

At Raysoft, we deliver competitive business advantage to our clients, by our accelerated delivery of admin support Services in USA, India. Services include Web research matching customer needs, Data processing inclusive of data entry and data conversion services, Shopping cart maintenance services consisting of creating and formatting your own web elements and data, Virtual assistance services by utilizing today’s technology and delivering it to client, Medical billing services, Image reading services. We speed up our delivery by allocating your service request handled by an appropriate and capable team. Higher end support by our respective team members in completion of allocated service request proves our strength and it persists.

Various admin support services offered at Raysoft are enumerated as follows:

Web Research / Web Data Harvesting:
• Cut and Paste Website Content
• Keywords Links Extract
• Online Data Scraping
• Manual Extraction of Data from websites
• Contact detail extraction (Company /Executive Info)
• Gather email address from websites
• HTML/PDF/ News Feed Data Extraction
• Automated Web Extraction Tools
Shopping Cart Product Entry:
• Product Categorization
• Image Editing / Resizing
• Price Updation
• Thumbnail Image Creation
• Description Formatting
• Title Identification
• Meta Tags
• HTML Formatting
Data Entry:
• Data Entry from Printed Catalogs
• Product entry into website
• Keyboarding (only English)
• Proof Reading
• Yellow / White Page Keying
• Product Feeds (Google, Yahoo! Stores, Amazon)
Real Estate Services:
• Lead Generation
• Lead Track
• Mortgage-Data Mining
• Broker Price Opinion - Data Entry
• Prepare Offer Contracts- FAR-BAR-ASIS & FAR-BAR-9- Contract Forms (FL-State):
• Online - Data Entry

Data Processing:
• Contact List Cleanup
• Word and Excel Formatting and Alignment
• Data Verification & Validation
• Catalog OCR - Separate Image and Text
• Word and Excel Template Creation
• Text to HTML Files
• Mailing List Conversion
• Compile Medical Glossaries
Data Conversion:
• Editing and Tagging
• Simple Excel Macros
• Reverse Phone Lookup
• PDF to Ms-Excel
• Phone / Fax Number Extraction
• Online Form Updation
• Data File Conversions
• PDF Processing -Bookmark Creation, Cover Insertion, Image Insertion
• OCR / Scan
XML Content Creation:
• XML Tagging
• DTD / Schema Creation
• Style sheet Creation
• XML Error Checking and Correction
• Conversion to different DTD
Web Submissions:
• Article / Blog / Web page Submissions
• Submit Web pages to search engines

The different domains and their respective sectors we undertake and can deliver expertise services are shown in table below.

 Domain name







 Hedge funds

 Stock exchange



 Private/Public Limited Companies

 Public Tenders

 Real Estate

 Mortgage & Foreclosures

 BPO Appraisal

 Prepare Offer Contracts – {FAR-BAR-ASIS & FAR-BAR-9-Contract Forms(FL-State)}

 Online – Data Entry/Listings Submission

We fully do acknowledge your business needs and get all virtual assistant services in India accordingly.

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